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Thread: Trophies lost vs Trophies gained

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    Trophies lost vs Trophies gained

    SC seriously need to do something about the trophies lost vs trophies gained in legend league!
    i am dedicated to the game and constantly raid to see how far I can go in legends league, but itís unfair when I lose 20+ trophies per attack, and all I get are players offering 6 or 9 trophies, and thatís only if you 3 star the base, not always possible, so at best I gain between 3 and 6 trophies per attack. On rare occasions I do find a player offering 15 or 20, however, thatís very very rare.
    Plus, due to the limited amount of players, I can only manage 5 to 6 attacks per day, the rest of the time I am starring at a white cloud! ☁️ 😏🤨🤬😂
    Many times I get the message, ďunable to find village to attack!Ē 😳😏🤬

    admittedly, this is my first full season in legends, (August) I was only in legends for 2 weeks before that.

    Just frustrated is all 🤷 🤬

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    the first season is always the worst.

    later on you will see that the full shield/guard cycle if planned accorder it will make you gain more than the trophies lost.

    just keep attacking and try not to fail since failing is where you will lose the most.
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