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Thread: Any good th12 edge-spawning bases out there?

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    It works for me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwp721 View Post
    It works for me....

    That's a really nice spawn base, much better than my own. I don't have as many obstacles as you do (notably flags and xmas trees in space), so I can't really steal it, but alas...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAppel View Post
    Use any edge base when under shield. Switch to normal base when going on defence. Switch back to any edge base after defence. Seems easy.
    This seems like a good solution!

    No need to try to make a spawn base defend well...which is a tough task to accomplish imo.

    The only problem I can think of is you could potentially waste a spawn by having it happen during your "defense base" time...but that's probably pretty unlikely if you're smart about the timing.

    Either way, good problem solving here!

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    Search th9 crows base.

    My th12 is just a variant of that I have added to over the years.

    It has to be one of the best low league bases ever 9/10 attacks end up being 1 star.

    Now push up to higher leagues and itís going to get cleared all the time

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    any good th12 edge-spawning bases out there without the decoration?

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    Here is my current base (south corner is the same as the north):

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodlyMortal View Post
    eVe Cech (#290GP829U) uses an edge spawning base as his farming base. Not sure how good it is but it is an edge obstacle spawner that you can use all the time.
    The base you gave is NOT an edge spawning worthy.
    It has many 2x2 spaces in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemoteCtrl View Post
    The base you gave is NOT an edge spawning worthy.
    It has many 2x2 spaces in it.
    I must be extremely lucky then because I have no memory of an obstacle ever spawning in the white area and the base Iíve been using for months has a 2 dead zones and other spaces. Also necro

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