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Thread: 55 Weeks Hood & 51 🏆 Looking For Derby 🐴 Players!! Come Join Us! 😀

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    Red face 55 Weeks Hood & 51 🏆 Looking For Derby 🐴 Players!! Come Join Us! 😀

    Once Upon A Derby Looking for Derby Lovers !!

    ℹHi! We are Once Upon A Derby. We are 7 international farmers lvl 91-184 who ❤ the derby.

    ℹWe are in our 104th week as a hood and place in 1st or 2nd almost every derby. We are in Championship league and looking to winning our trophies here: currently 72 gold, 26 silver & 6 bronze.

    ℹEveryone is self sufficient who work their town and machines.

    ℹCommunication is essential especially for Bingo & Blossom Derby!

    ℹNh request is for crops so that neighbours can get their achievement fast. Anything else pls ask thru chat. (Most of us have completed our achievement)

    ℹBoat/Trucks/Town: When u flag for help, put up an ad to get it completed. We use whatever that lasts long in RSS n repeat till help is given.

    ℹDerby: Finish ALL 9 tasks, 10th if we need to place FIRST/TOP 3!
    We play for FIRST place!!! Tasks on board are first come first serve. No reservation. Be fast, play hard & play smart!

    ✔Special Derby: 400x9/10
    ✔Mystery Derby: ONLY mystery tasks
    ✔Bingo: We will co-ordinate accordingly and
    aim for 3 Bingo lines. Check stickies often for updates!
    ✔Power Derby: 18 tasks compulsory or 19 when needed.
    ✔Regular Derby: 320 tasks ONLY!
    ✔Blossom Derby: Communication is a must! No holding of tasks overnight!

    ♠Opt out when real life calls/if work is demanding.

    ♠Made elder upon joining to delete tasks when you are in derby. Everyone has a life outside Hay Day, be a responsible/considerate team player.

    ♠If you fit the bill, give us a try.

    ♥Check us out at Once Upon a Derby. Only hood with that name. Lvl 85 and English speaking. ☺

    ➿Kik me @ Diabolical_Angel if you have any questions. If your level is lower but can pull your own weight, let me know. Hope to hear from you soon!!!
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    Hello! Hope to see some new faces soon!

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    another GOLD this week !!!! 10th task is optional. From Carmen

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    GOLD again!!
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    Leading 22,000 points in Mystery derby, 10th task not even required!!

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    Amazing bingo line

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    Join us after the derby!!

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    Daily bump! We need new members who play town often and are hardcore derby addicts. Come say Hi!

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    Hope to see some new players! Come say Hi! Read our rules to understand us better. ��

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    Daily bump! Read thru our hood rules and drop by to give us a try! Looking forward to see new players!

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