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Thread: 55 Weeks Hood & 51 🏆 Looking For Derby 🐴 Players!! Come Join Us! 😀

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    Bumpity bump. Still looking for great derby players who play to win. Come join us!

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    In need of derby players who play to win. Read our rules and if its a good fit, join us!

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    There's room for more serious derby players who are in it to win it. Kik Diabolical_Angel if u have any questions.

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    Actively looking for like minded and self sufficient serious derby players who wants to win gold. Come on and be part of the team!

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    Bumping ad.

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    Bumping ad. Do consider us if ur a serious and responsible derby player.

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    Are you the one that we r looking for? Come join us and win together. Efficient and self-sufficient is all that we ask for.

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    Bumping ad.

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    You might be the one we are looking for!! Come by and give us a try! Self-sufficent and efficient derby players please.

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    Still on the lookout for efficient derby players to join our hood. Come drop by and say Hi.

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