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Thread: 55 Weeks Hood & 51 🏆 Looking For Derby 🐴 Players!! Come Join Us! 😀

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    Still in need of new and experienced players! Come check us out!!!

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    There are still vacancies for responsible and self-sufficient players. Drop by after the derby.

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    First again! Come on by and say Hi!

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    I would like to join, I already sent a request

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    Breezy and easy win with just 1 competitor. A perfect week indeed. Come join us if ur self sufficient and a team player.

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    Bumpity bump! Looking for players who are serious abt the derby and can carry their own weight. Each derby is different so communication is needed for some derbies. Come join us!
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    Drop by and check us out. Self sufficient hood and we play for first.

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    Looking for fun players who r serious abt d derby. Check us out!

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    What level do I need to be?

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    Come join us. Players who r serious about the derby, self-sufficent, efficient and responsible.
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