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Thread: Mistakes Happen, BUT...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lud3ck View Post
    Could you possibly exaggerate a little more please? I mean, I really don't think you got your (totally misjudged) point across.
    Exactly what did you find to be an exaggeration? My team completed 120 tasks. Out of the promised increases we got the following:
    1 400 point fishing task all week
    3 400 point burger tasks all week
    1 400 point quesadilla task all week
    Almost no other production tasks all week
    No baskets with fishing all week

    We got the same 3 basket tasks - all week - vegan, warm, and picnic. That's a max of 4 basket tasks at any one time for 12 opted in people.

    We are a CL league, gold hunting team. We do only 400 point tasks. SC's inducement to participating in the derby was the spawning of 400 point tasks in all the categories they listed. That simply did not happen. I would say *they* did the exaggerating, not *me*.

    I belong to a leader group, and not one leader posted "Hey, we're getting everything advertised." Not. One. There were lots of reports of exactly what we saw as I just reported, again. No increase of any of the promised items, and in fact a lack of appearance of many of those items.

    So, if the derby worked out well for you, and you're happy with the tasks you got, super duper terrific. For us, it sucked royally, which is happening all too frequently these days. My team loves a challenge. They do not, however, define "challenge" as trying to cope week after week with broken promises from the game developer.

    Oh, and as was the case with the last themed derby, the promised increase in horseshoe rewards also was not there. It required a reshuffle to fulfill that promise as well, and therefore yet more expenditure of diamonds - the name of the game these days.
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