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Thread: Looking for a new task force!

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    Looking for a new task force!

    Hi,I have 3 accounts and looking for a new task force for all 3...
    I am active with all!

    Have you a good active task force,for all 3 of me?
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    #9urjg8vy awol fireball

    We have a good times

    Lots of experience here.

    See you there,


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    U r in a right place dude...come and join TF for low level players
    TF ID:9VYPL2J2
    TF NAME:friends in fire
    Required TROPHIES:none
    Operations: frequent
    Very friendly and casual TF..come on😉

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    Join small nine, they will appreciate any help with 5 spots open, if that doesn't suit you then join there and ask for what you want and they will guide you to the perfect tf

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    Greetings what lvls are your three at ? LVL , VP, etc or player # Thank you !!
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    Hey monica check out Tajanas we are rebuilding have 17 players doing stronghold daily now in 10 to 14 attacks would love to have you here stop by come say hello google luck finding new home hopefully ITS us 😁

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    The Wanted #9UGGY982

    You won't regret it.

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    you dont say say what level you are at, what your statue line up is, size TF you want or ops you are used to doing. So it is very difficult for me to recommend which of our TF are best.

    We we currently have two spaces in Phoenix genesis. 10 man doing low level ops (full monty) up to lvl 30 experience level.
    Phooenix origins -10 man TF levels 31-40 one space.
    Phoenix aurora 10 man TF - has 3 spaces available - mid level accounts41-50 hacksaw and upwards.
    phoenix evolve 10 man TF - 1 space, strong to fox.
    We have Phoenix dawn has spaces to accommodate all 3 of your accounts - 25 man does CP / CC when full

    i appreciate not all all of those can accommodate all of your accounts in the one TF.
    You will be part of a family! Many of our members have more than one account in different TF, so it will often feel that you are in the same TF I have accounts in Phoenix Blaze, Phoenix Dawn, and Phoenix Genesis. we have many experienced members who are willing to help if u want to learn new strats... progress upwards in OPs. If you have a few tricks of your own we’d love you to share!

    We aim to be a chilled out, supportive team with 0 drama.

    There is more info, including links to the TF, by following the link in my Sig.
    Main. TD 30, 13, 13, 13 GBE: 39, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17:
    Mini GBE 41, 17, 16, 16 RR 45 PSC 74 TH 27 TD 25; 13
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    "High level players" isn't an elite cult, it's a stage in the game that people reach, high vp, high ops, any of those or more.

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    Check out Wardell Mudcrab.

    We have room for two right now.

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    Byte me, eh?! #8PJ2VJP0

    *Daily ops!*

    25 tf with a few openings, 300 vp entry.

    More info on your new teammates here:!-8PJ2VJP0
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    ... and Loki defo work for Boom beach...

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