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Thread: Here we go again!!

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    Other than this derby being even more of a snoozefest than last weeks, doing the same tasks over and over is maddening! It's really about time for some new tasks, especially the baskets.
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    I have gotten 4x vegan and 4x varm task and 1 hamburger task really boring derby. All those others i stacked for never showed up.

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    Supercell youre killing the game!!!
    We love to play the derby but not like this.
    Better get youre act together coz if this keeps going with these extreme hard boards ppl will start playing other farm games.

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    I can put up with the crapy tasks if the rewards were worth in the end but they have been miserable. In the last derby, two columns were exactly the same. So far the rewards are once again not worth the aggravation.

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    I'd say "follow the money" and assume that Hay Day is weeding out some of the low spenders, (like me) but making it tedious, boring and frustrating is a pretty strange way to do it. No "reputation" points for Hay Day.

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