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Thread: My hay day youtbe channel

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    Talking My hay day youtbe channel

    Hello, I am Krasi BG! Nice to meet you! I have YouTube channel and twice a week i make Hay Day videos. I would be very very happy if you pay some attention to my channel ! Please subscribe and watch my videos! I am new and need your support, because in the beginning is very hard. I upload videos always when there are news about the game and when i just have some tips and tricks for you. Again please SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH! My next video will be about "How to make money in Hay Day?" and have so many tips for you, so you can be millionaire !!! SUBSCRIBE !

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    I am sorry for the mistake in the title

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    Hello, i have just created new hay day video, it is about how to make money in Hay Day in 2018. If you are interested, i will leave a link here Please support me

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    Hello, its me again! This Friday im gonna streaming on youtube for first time! Link to my channel: I hope u will join! It will begin at 1 pm (UTC) and will be at least one hour! We will chating about the new derby, the game and my upcoming Hay Day Giveaway! I will be really really happy to see u! Thank u for the attention!
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    I subbed your channel heres mine ep1 lets play

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