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Thread: Jus come out of retirement now, any Tfs looking for zook hitter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlelee92 View Post
    Hi there Im uk based, hit uk vp LB about a year ago then left the game. Looking for a fun chatty tf no stress that is starting an op soon as guna clear all the ♥♥♥♥ on my map after a year 😂😂
    HiLittlelee,we are a multi national group with a few brits. English speaking with 12 x 60+ players. Task force attacks almost every day ( depending on intel) come and join us "Vader's Legion"

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    Byte me, eh?! #8PJ2VJP0

    *Daily ops!*

    25 tf with a couple openings, 400 vp entry

    More info on your new teammates here:!-8PJ2VJP0
    Quote Originally Posted by Garycambo View Post
    ... and Loki defo work for Boom beach...

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    Check out Wardell Mudcrab.

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