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Thread: The new Summer Derby

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    I have been playing hd for many years now. Have gone through the inception of the derby and its many many changes. Have removed many many players through neighborhoods because of the derby. Started a family derby but now the derby has taken a new twist. Many people have left Hayday or at least left their farms sitting idle and are gone. I don't mind buying diamonds once in a while to buy a new decoration etc. but this is a not good.

    i read in the postings that nh r beginning to make a game between themselves and forget about Haydays derby. A great idea. Thinking out of the box. We'd have been looking for other games out there to play as a family and may also leave our farms idle...

    All good things must come to an end..sad isn't it in today's world that fun, laughter, friends requires items to be bought...

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    Very disappointed with this new special derby. Too much waste our diamond. Next time i will not played this derby anymore. Hayday didn't care about player. They just need our money to buy some diamond. Very very bad.. not fun anymore,

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    I have to agree with everyone else here that has posted. I have been with a particular group of players for over two years. We have been in the champions league almost since the beginning and our goal for each derby is to take only the highest pointed tasks available. In addition we always spend 10 diamonds to take the 10th task in each derby.

    However, lately the specialty derbies,including but not limited to this summer derby, have caused us to start questioning our desire to play specialty derbies. In fact, I told my team earlier today that if the next derby is a specialty I will be opting out.

    We are a smaller group and I canít even imagine how groups of more than 10 are even able to be patient enough to complete a specialty derby because waiting for tasks that are 400 points would take an eternity with that number of people since there are so few available.

    I love Hay Day and especially the friends Iíve made playing Hay Day but for the first time I am beginning to question my desire to continue. Like everyone else, I hope that supercell reads, listens and responds appropriately to these concerns.

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    Boring, stressful, tedious!

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