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Thread: Looking for a TF High Level Troops + 100 Intel per week

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    Looking for a TF High Level Troops + 100 Intel per week

    Introduction: I'm 22 years old, American. I haven't played bb in a couple years but I'm back and have been active last few weeks. I've been in and out of a couple TF's and looking for something more permanent. I'm looking for a TF that has does a high level OP consistently. The TF I'm in right now does Massive Attack roughly 80% of the time successfully, I'm looking for something similar or better in return. Only reason I'm jumping ship is theyre a chinese TF, and I don't speak chinese. My pet peeve for a tf has to be people being selfish and not attacking/retreating in OPS. besides that I get along with anyone. If your TF fits that criteria and think you could use a player like me, message me.

    My Specs....
    Level 51
    HQ 20

    I have been averaging close to 100 intel per cycle. Last week I got 120. I forgot if these cycles are 1 or 2 weeks before they reset... maybe let me know in your message lol

    Powerstone +55
    Resource Reward +50
    Gunboat Energy +37,+17,+17,+17
    Troop Health +33, +12
    Troop Attack +27, +13

    Offense stuff:
    Boats All 20
    Gunboat Level 20
    Riflemen 17
    Heavy 21
    Zooks 20
    Warrior 9
    Tank 5
    Medic 5
    Grenadier 3
    Scorcher 8
    Cryo 6
    Artillery 21
    Flare MAX
    Medkit 21
    Shock MAX
    Barrage 16
    Smokescreen 5
    Critters MAX

    I'm new to heroes so mine arent too high level...
    4,5,10, 3 i plan on levelling up everspark up more as she compliments my usual scorcher/zook strategy

    I am also aware of advanced tactics like all zooka attacks. I have been practicing. You will get quality war contribution from me.

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    check out "vaapad masters" see if you fit there

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    50tf, MA daily, Intel we max

    I have a thread under recruitment, search our name it says what we're looking for


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    Small nine will appreciate your help, mostly fh daily, sometimes ma if low on Intel
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    Check us out, currently doing daily dead end ops. Looking for higher level players to go up. #2UYPPJLC the Expendables.

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    Hello shadowhunter,

    Am I right in thinking that you are in a 50 man TF doing MA? what I am going to suggest to you may seem a little low... but I would ask you to consider Phoenix Evolve. It’s a 10 man doing between fox / strong. The rewards are good for completion as they scale for TF size.

    In Phoenix evolve you can learn to solo bases and, as your base evolves , you max your troops and move to an all offense line up- you can move to one of our other TF doing higher level ops.

    Doing MA as part of a larger TF is interesting where you have to work together to take down a base. However, it is nothing like being in a 10 man where you may only have two hits available for each base. Some will have to be solo’s to complete strong. Once you have been there a couple weeks you can see if you can do hits in Phoenix dawn. (Doing CC when full). If you could handle MA then I’m sure you could cope with CC, but your troop levels may hold you back. AZ is always welcome in any of our TF’s.
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    "High level players" isn't an elite cult, it's a stage in the game that people reach, high vp, high ops, any of those or more.

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    Come check out crockoduck Jr if you haven't found a TF yet. We would love to have you! Just expanded to 50 and looking to fill it up.

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    Check out Jedi Force
    Tf tag #80LYQUPQ..
    We are an active 50p group and are looking for active and permanent members. Daily ops are choke point and stronghold, sometimes curtain call with enough intel

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