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Thread: Looking for a neighbourhood

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    Exclamation Looking for a neighbourhood

    I AM LOOKING FOR A neighbourhood:
    Which is:-
    1) Active
    2) Frequently Chatty
    3) Helpful (and I shall reciprocate the help)
    5) There is an option to opt out of derby, If I will not be able to participate for a week or 2
    6) Has a group on kik to discuss tactics

    I, inturn can:

    1) Comple 9/9 tasks for 310+ or 300+ or 320+ each
    (375+ in special derby)
    2) Chat frequently, but not 24x7
    3) Provide any pointers or help as per my capacity
    4) Be polite!

    If you think we are a good match Kik me: MagicMoon343

    I AM LEVEL 37
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    Join us for a new hood called A Van Down By The River. Red truck blue circle. I can help you grow your farm too.

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    Looking for new members to join our champions league hood, 310+ regular derby and 320+ special derby's. Must complete all 9 tasks, 10th is optional. English speaking only please. We have members from all around the world. We are a quiet but helpful hood, would love to add some chatty members. Most members play in every derby, some opt out here and there. We help each other when asked & donate when Bird house requests come up. Our hood is about 2 months old, but most of us came to this one from the same previous hood. Everyone is made a elder so they can trash tasks below what we are going for.
    Looney Toons neighborhood Tag 9Q9GU8R2

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    I don't know what kik is...

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