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Thread: Derby townbuilding strategies

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    Derby townbuilding strategies

    Hi Hay Day experts

    I would like to know if there is any special strategy for the derby town building task?

    What i do is i fully serve 8 types of visitors so im ready for any basket task

    The 2 types that are not in basket tasks are the local & cowboy so i send them home while the train is still on the platform and get other visitors immediately

    Hope to here about great strategies

    Thanks Hay Day for an awesome game

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    First, forget the ee altogether. Get all of your peeps from your neighbors farms, they are all single serve and save you time and resources. You can choose the type of visitor you want like you have been, but you will also know what building they r going to. So you can combine type of visitor w type of building you want to cover. Iím no expert, but I hope that helps.

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