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Thread: SC you should reassess the cost of books

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    What ever way you look at it, SC will always win.....if you buy a book, or gem it down, SC still gets all the cash. I don’t think they are to bothered which way you go about spending gems in game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samratulangi View Post
    OP certainly want to spend money in the game the best way, so his concern is totally valid, free to play players should thx him
    Not quite.
    If OP is trying to spend money in the game the best way, he should spend when he is TH12 or TH11 where upgrades require the longest upgrade time. And even if he really want to spend the best way as TH10 and below, he should purchase the gems instead of magical items from Trader which might cost higher price.

    What OP wants is just discount from Trader for lower TH players, not spending money the best way, as there is already a best way to spend money regardless of magical items price from the Trader.

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    OP makes no sense. If the book is not good value then you’d just gem it outright ( if that’s your thing) surely, makes no difference to sc how you spend your gems. Gems are a lot more versatile than books anyways, books are more of a thing when upgrade times hit 14 days for everything.

    To further temp players ( a lot of whom are children let’s not forget ) to purchase progress rather than achieve it playing, is rather off putting imo.

    If you rich tho, you can always gem at your hearts content, the gem store is always open. If you need discounts because you ain’t rich,save your cash and just stick to the old school way of progressing....playing the game

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    SC want players to spend gems, of course they do.
    At the same time, the longevity of the game is dependent upon attracting new players, and the ability to progress, most notably for the casual players.
    Getting the balance right between the two, is a tricky design challenge, but I have to say, I feel SC have been moving in a very positive direction with this in mind, in recent months.
    Reduced lab/upgrade times, Books, rings, potions via Clan Games (or the trader if you see fit) have certainly benefitted progression as a whole for everyone.

    The cost of books via the trader is just one game option, whether or not it's 'good value'. It's just another little tempter for those who like to buy/use time reducing tools.
    Personally, I haven't purchased anything from the trader as yet, as more often than not I have enough Magic items/books to be happy in my progression by playing the game. So it's down to the individual really.
    The 'choice' is yours!
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    To elaborate on my original post: most of the items the Trader offers are at a discount (training potions at a substantial discount, but most around half(-ish)) compared to what you would spend in the store or in the "field". I'll leave the debate about whether you should ever spend any money on the store alone. I have occasionally spent gems on the Trader's book offers (particularly heroes). The books, though, while they used to make some sense if you wanted to save upgrade or lab time, don't make any sense now, until you hit TH11 or 12. If that's the intention, fine, but since they are offered starting at TH8, it seems like they ought to come down in price to match the Trader's m.o.

    They reduced upgrade times by about 30(ish) percent I think with the last patch. It just seems like they ought to shave the same amount off of the Trader's book costs to keep it in line with the other reductions if they are actually interested in players utilizing the Trader.
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