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Thread: Level 65 maxed

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    Level 65 maxed

    Looking for a 10 or 25 man. All offensive statues. Let me know if you need a guy.

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    Crockoduck Jr could use you 25 man

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    Check “The Red Fort” tag are most welcome if you use az..
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    We have a variety of TF.

    Phoenix dawn has space for some, 25 man doing CP / CC when full

    Phoenix Evolve has space, 10 man doing stronghold when full

    As we are a family it is possible for you to move around between them, space permittjng.

    We have a strict no drama rule - we just want to have fun in a chilled out environment!

    Just ask to join in chat, or, if you want to ask anything, just PM me!
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    "High level players" isn't an elite cult, it's a stage in the game that people reach, high vp, high ops, any of those or more.

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    Sounds like you would be a good fit for Deep Black OPs. 25 man TF, very active and stable TF. No drama. We are normally doing CC but dropped down to CP during the crab event. Mostly all maxed players with loads of intel. Daily ops.
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    check out "vaapad masters"

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    Currently doing dead ends daily and looking to go up. Check us out the Expendables. #2UYPPJLC

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    You won't regret it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renegades50 View Post
    Looking for a 10 or 25 man. All offensive statues. Let me know if you need a guy.
    Tf name takingcontrol2 we need one more decent player if your interested

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    Awol fireball

    Building something great.
    From the ground up

    See you there

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