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Thread: Not YOU again!

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    Angry Not YOU again!

    Hi guys,

    Has it ever happened to you that you reject a friend request of a clasher who goes on to resend friend requests repeatedly? I will not allow such a person to intimidate me to accept their friend request and SuperCell should help!

    SC introduced a very good feature that enables clashers to add their clan mates and other clans members as friends. However, misuse of this feature requires an action from SC. SC should introduce a "block" feature that prevents other clashers from sending annoying friend requests.

    It is really necessary!

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    Well, you won't get spammed constantly if you ignore the request, as they can't send another one unless you accept/reject it. Usually works for me, and they stop after a while, but there's that red box that shows up on your XP level in the top left corner which can drive some people nuts. A block feature would be very nice to have implemented.
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    tbh i'm one of those people who can't stand the existence of any kind of notifications. I clear them immediately. As a matter of fact, though, in such situations spammers have the upper hand and they dictate on other players how to react. If I do not need to accept the friendship of another player, I should be able to stop them.

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