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Thread: Solid zook player looking for a team

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    Solid zook player looking for a team

    Hello. I am a maxed out zook player looking for a new 25 man team. Here is my "wish list" of sorts:

    -Daily ops
    -Full participation (I really hate no-shows)
    -Dead End/Deep Cut/maybe Massive Attack (I like somewhat challenging ops, but not super stressful)
    -Primarily a zook-focused team
    -Strategy oriented (base notes, planned out hits, etc..., not just a free for all)
    -English speaking, preferably active chat (no "clean chat", please )

    Here is what I bring to the table:

    -Very active (I'm on multiple times during the day)
    -I always attack, never no-show without advance warning (vacation, etc...)
    -I'm a pretty solid zook player. I'm not perfect, but I can hold my own.
    -Easy 150 intel, last week I had 185
    -6/3/1 GBE/TD/TH statue lineup
    -I'm on the external chat apps if you use them (line, band, telegram)

    Thanks for reading, hope to hear from ya!
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    We have room in Deep Black Ops. Doing CC and trying to break through into DE. 25 man TF. All plauers are Max or very close. Lots of intel. No drama. Chat level varies. TF tag in my signature.
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    check out "vaapad masters" lost some players so renewing the team and in need of fresh blood

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    Drunks beach, doing de and dc when full. Sounds like a perfect fit fo all. Tell em edge sent ya

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    Hey man! Massive Mayhem would love to have you join us.We have daily OPs,usually Dead End.Mix of players some AZ and some bulldozers.TF tag is #9JYQYCC .Stop by and check us out.Don’t worry about freeloaders.They are removed.Can probably do officer for you pretty quick too.
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    We are a 25 member team looking for active players who play daily and will participate in the daily operation, READ BASE NOTES and GATHERE INTEL. Our task force is very active, we communicate frequently and do OP EVERY DAY!!! Minimum VP 400 to join. Our task force name is Bone Crusher 87 leader name is Kingpin...or our TF pin is#2V9YPVRJ

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    Check out sas eliteforce1 we do dead end daily bro mostly zookas

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    If you are still looking, or just checking things out and kicking the tires, why not peek into “Massive Assault”. We are currently killing it in DE, occasionally on DC. We need just a bit more to move on. A solid team with a great core. What do you have to lose? Daily OP’s starting around 10:00 AM est. everyone shows up, gathers intel, help and support each other.

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    Still looking? Check out outlaw76. Dc/ma daily. Good group, laid back but competetive. Op starts at 6pm est

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    Baby nine is a perfect suit for you, join and see how things work, DC daily

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