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Thread: Need abit of help taking over this resource base

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    Need abit of help taking over this resource base

    I have LV5 riflemen, LV6 heavy, LV4 zookas and LV1 warriors here's the link
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    Try this: load 4 boats of heavies and 4 boats of zookas. Boat order: 2 heavies, 4 zookas and again 2 heavies. Start the attack by remioving the rocket launcher (using barrages and artillaries, calculate how to do this efficiently, minimizing gunboat energy). Land the first 2 boats of heavies high on the beach, a bit apart from each other in front of the flamethrower (FT), count to 2, then tap the beach close to the water seven times to land the 4 boats of zookas, the other 2 with heavies and your hero. Immediately afterwards, shock (assuming you have shock bombs) the FT and the two closest mortars to avoid the mortars killing ur zookas. Keep your heavies alive with brick's shield and medkits.


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