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Thread: Unsatisfied with derby tasks

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    Unsatisfied with derby tasks

    I wanted to put in a complaint regarding the derby tasks. the hood I'm in continually is very competitive and only go for Max points. we also all do 10 tasks very regularly. the last several derbies have had the same tasks over and over. it makes it very frustrating and not very much fun to play. please do what you can to revise this. it's for regular derbies as well as special derbies. for instance, I just finished the fishing derby with 10 tasks. and 6 of them were all the "warm basket task" no matter how much we deleted (over 1300 deleted so far) the same three basket tasks kept coming up.

    I understand a theme derby to see those tasks that are in the theme more, however for this to be a fishing derby I believe our hood only saw 3 fishing tasks for 400 points. we did not see any cookie tasks or any roasted tomato tasks or any orange tea tasks to this point. just disappointed.

    And for standard derbies it is always the same Max points tasks that come up over and over. it would be very nice to have variety that's all.

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    The whole thing is idiotic. Then you make all that garbage and the townies, boats, trucks and visitors ask for only stuff you have a few of. I'm starting to wonder if they're not trying to run this game into the ground.

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    I came here to pretty much say the same thing. I literally never post and certainly never to complain, hate complaining. But these special derbies arent fun.

    the drop rates are completely broken. Baksets appear completely disproportionTely to any other task, hood ends up doing same basket over and over and over again.

    last fishing derby i could hardly even get a fishing task, it was just moronic.

    this does not encourage me to play at all, it is simply broken, boring, and absolutely no fun.

    fix drop rates on these tasks. Without a derby to do that is vaguely enjoyale, there is no reason at all for hig level players to keepplaying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camm91 View Post
    Without a derby to do that is vaguely enjoyable, there is no reason at all for high level players to keep playing.
    The cynical side of my brain tells me this is exactly what Supercell wants.

    Think about it.......I'm level 125......Higher level players have farms that are long since built.

    The building slog is mostly from level 30 to 90.......give or take. The impatience of farmers at these levels drives diamond buying.

    I'd wager SC would be perfectly happy to have all level 100+ farmers go away.

    Seriously less pressure on their servers.

    I need coffee......this derby has me in a seriously sour mood.

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    Totally agree, hayday your sucking the life, and fun, out of this game, and everyone who plays it. These special derbyís are not enjoyable at all. There will be a lot of people giving up and going elsewhere, if you donít address this matter.

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    But hey, your probably just bury you head in the sand and ignore all the negative comments.

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    This derby was by far the worst ever for me. I never want to eat vanilla ice cream again!

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    It was stupid. Horribly stupid. It caused rifts in our hood, because the maxers complain that those of us who want to play and enjoy the game aren't stacking our machines so we can take the long tasks as they come. The trouble is this doesn't work (I sat with strawberries and stacked machines waiting on tasks for two days), and further I don't want to have to stack my machines to compete in the derby. it's completely idiotic that this is how you must play if you want win. Do the same, mind-numbing boring garbage over and over and do it ahead of time. Yay!

    And this ruins the shop. I am really close to just quitting this game.
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    I totally agree with all that has been said. I am sick of wasting diamonds and not having fun anymore. Especially these stupid town tasks. They usually take two or more days. I thought I would speed up the process by using diamonds to hurry the train up but the persons needed to complete my task haven’t been on the train in the last two drop offs. I hate tasks that take forever. I noticed in the last derby I finally started getting high point tasks that couldn’t be completed. I really like this game but things have really changed and not for the better! Sorry to gripe but I am so sick of a few things going on within the game.

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    There are so many different products that can be made. It does get boring seeing the same tasks over and over and over and over again. And the tasks that are not typical but show up, they almost never show up at max points.

    Example... Why ALWAYS vanilla ice cream? There's strawberry, chocolate, banana split, orange sorbet, and mint chocolate chip now. I just don't see the point in adding new items to make if they are not implemented better into the game. I see the other items requested in the boat, truck, and town requests, but ALWAYS vanilla ice cream in the derby tasks. I'm ready to claw my eyes out every time I see a task with vanilla ice cream in it.
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