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Thread: This weeks derby boring and repetitive tasks

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    Angry This weeks derby boring and repetitive tasks

    Repetitive tasks,Boreing, what is going on supercell, are the developers of taking the week off? If so just give us a normal derby.

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    I do agree about the tasks being repetitive. I have normally finished by now but instead I’ve still got several tasks left to do because I just can’t find any decent tasks!

    but, yes, July is an important month for holidays in Finland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janbakes2 View Post
    Repetitive tasks,Boreing, what is going on supercell, are the developers of taking the week off? If so just give us a normal derby.
    Join the long complaint line. Unfortunately this derby may go down in the books as one of the worst.

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    The huge ammounts of Red Berry Cake i have produced this derby... And bought to fill by barn to be able to queue up even more of them for upcoming tasks. Have 270 of them now!
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    same here, look at this, it's ridiculously boring.

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    It's one of the most boring derbies ever! The only good thing about it is that I like fishing tasks during an event, because you can finish the task with only 11 green lures. But because the points for fishing tasks are rarely the maximum possible, you can't take them often if you're in a 320-400 only NH.

    I wish Supercell would tweak the points for fishing and mining tasks so that we get the maximum points more often. The way it is now, there are too many "steps" for these tasks, 110 lbs gets you 320 (400) points, 108 - 315 (490) points (not exactly, but you get my point, I hope!) etc...

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    With the themed tasks they selected, this derby was set up to be a dirge!
    Following on from party and birthday derby’s which were similar, there is a pattern, and this was deliberate. Goodness only knows why!
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    I agree completely if I never see another red berry cake, it will be too soon.

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