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Thread: Symbols on Neighborhood Board?

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    Symbols on Neighborhood Board?

    So I've hunted the forum and can't find the answer to this question - what do the symbols next to the members status mean?

    I've decided the crown must be the hood owner. But I'm not sure what the two people are. I thought maybe it indicated who was online or playing currently, but that doesn't seem to be the case as another player put in a request but they don't have that symbol. Any ideas?
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    They're people you have on your friends list

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    If you tap and hold on each icon it tells you what they mean. I donít see the crown you mentioned.

    I actually went back and checked. I was referring to the search portion of the team boards. I think you were in the member area. The crown seems to indicate part of the group and the 2 shadowed figures indicate the person is on your friend list.
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