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Thread: Royal Ghost from Clash Royale

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    Royal Ghost from Clash Royale

    So I know a few things have come to CoC from Clash Royale. I think a nice addition would be the Royal Ghost troop. It could have the same effects as in clash royal. Where it would be invisible unless it is attacking. This would add a different element to the game as well as strategy. I would add, since it is a ghost, it can go through walls when invisible, and can be attacked when attacking. You could also add a new tower to combat it, something to be able to trace if any ghost troops have been deployed. Have it be a sonar type tower, and with upgrades have the range be the thing that's upgrading. Of course have the HP go up as well, but be able to see more of your base would be nice too. We could even have it be a new Hero, and have it spawn smaller Ghosts such as with the Barb king and Archer queen abilities. For sure the dark elixir would be a better fit for this troop and maybe even have an invisibility or Ghost spell that gives other troops this ability for a time period. Let me know what you think.

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    If it comes from CR I donít want it in Clash. Thereís enough thatís similar already

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