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    Ice fairy

    A troop that unleashes a freezing stream
    Troop type: Air
    Damage type: Area (1.5 tiles radius)
    Targets: Ground & Air
    Housing Space: 16
    Movement Speed:16
    Favourite Targetefenses
    Attack rate: 2 seconds
    Range: 5 tiles
    Training Time: 12 min (in only 1 barrack)
    Freezing Time : 1.5 sec

    Ice fairy gives a little damage but she freezes defenses to slow down and also frozen defenses will take more damage

    Her attacks are slow and not much effective but she helps other troops deal a multiplicative damage so troops with higher damage gives more damage.

    She gives one last freezing effect on death which gives a low damage but freezes everything in a 4 tile area

    P. S: She does not have effect on infernos

    Level 1:
    Damage per second: 35
    Attack rate penalty : %30
    Max damage on frozen targets :%110
    Damage on death:100 (+ freezing effect)
    Training Cost : 13.000 elixir

    Level 1 ice fairy can kill a builders hut in 8 seconds (2 hits)
    level 7 wizard can 1 hit a frozen level 5 army camp

    Level 2:
    Damage per second: 45
    Hitpoint: 1400
    Attack rate penalty:%35
    Max damage on frozen target:%125
    Damage on death:100
    Training Cost: 14.000 elixir

    At level 2, troops can deal 1/4 of their damage
    A level 6 pekka approximately can deal damage as level 8 pekka does

    Level 3:
    Damage per second: 60
    Attack rate penalty: %35
    Max damage on frozen targer:%125
    Damage on death: 250
    Training cost: 15.500 elixir

    Level 3 fairy does not give better freezing effects than a level 2 one instead it gives a lot more damage

    Attack Strategy:
    Using more than 1 ice fairies will not reflenish or increase freezing effect so be sure they dont attack simultaneously.
    Using ice fairies with high damage troops(such as wizard) wont be effective as using them with medium damage troops (such as giants)
    Ice fairies dont attack clan castle troops or heroes (except grand warden) so it wont have poison effect on them
    Using haste on ice fairies will not be usefull since they attack slow and
    Using ice fairies in lower townhall can be quite usefull especially in dragon attacks
    This troop is actually irrelevant in most of the attacks

    Defensive Strategy:
    Since they are flying they can be easily killed with ADs so walls are important for making ground troops busy and making them fly over lead
    Ice fairies in defence will make huge difference in raids because of their freezing effect it can be deadly when troops trigger a giant bomb etc..

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    Wow apakah itu benar benar troops baru

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    the Ice wizard that was introduces as a seasonal troop in 2016 did this already. He target defenses slowing the attack rate, it is basically the same...

    Ice Wizard | Clash of Clans Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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