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Thread: Catching the Speckled Dace and Golden Trout ..... Finally 😂🎉

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    Catching the Speckled Dace and Golden Trout ..... Finally 😂🎉

    With an aching arm, at last these two illusive fish are caught and my book is finally complete.

    Here are a few tips that I hope will make it possible and a little easier for you to get them in your book.

    The first thing to realise and get familiar with is that there are three size of rings that are created once you cast in your lure. Large, medium and small. Both of these fish are caught off the small ring. If you cast in and see any other ring created around your lure stop and cast the lure in again.

    Time taken to catch each was about 20 minutes!

    Golden Trout

    Gold Lure
    Area to Fish - Big Waterfall
    Small Ring once Hooked
    Puts up a Fight .... Don’t mistake it for The Rudd

    Try casting in lots of times and see how the different fish react and the speed at which they do or do not fight. The Golden Trout is one that will require you to fish, not as much as the Speckled Dace but he will pull away from you and you will get a few red rings trying to land it. If the fish doesn’t fight it isn’t the Golden Trout. If you don’t watch carefully and read the way the different fish react to being hooked then you risk losing your valuable gold lures to fish like the Rudd, Arctic Charr and Green Sunfish, all of which can be caught with a Gold Lure in the spot in front of The Waterfall.

    The Rudd is probably the one that is the easiest to confuse with the Golden Trout as this will give also put up a fight.

    Attempts it took me to catch - 23

    Speckled Dace

    Gold Lure
    Deep Water Fishing Spot - cast lure on wreck and wait!
    Small Ring once Hooked
    Prepare for a fight!!

    This fish gave me a run for my money. My arm was aching by the time I caught it. I lost 3 gold lures trying to catch it because I wrongly thought I had it on the line but it was another fish putting up a bit of a fight, the key is to try a few times and recognise the immediate fast way the Speckled Dace pulls away on the line. This fish is fast, feisty and will not be caught easily. It takes a few times to reel it in because he fights. If you hook a Speckled Dace and he gets away, you definitely know the next time he is on the end of your line. I think he is the hardest fish to land because of his speed.

    You will know this fish is on the end of the line more or less as soon as it is hooked. He doesn’t want to be caught and requires you to fish from start to finish. It really is a great feeling when he is in the net.

    Attempts it took me to catch - 15

    Patience and Perseverance - be prepared to keep trying again and again.

    Good Luck !

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    Congratulations !!!

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    Thank you! It became me against them towards the end �� Great Fun!

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    Many Thanks! Speckled Dace is now the only uncaught fish in my book - I'm not so young as I was and the reaction speed isn't what it was so it may be a bit of a struggle, but at least now I know what to look out for and stand a chance of knowing when I've got one on so I don't waste gold lures. Wish me luck!

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    You will definitely catch this fish.
    Good luck to you.

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    The hardest catch for me by a long way was the grass carp! The last two in my fishing book were the golden weight golden trout and golden weight grass carp. They seemed so elusive! Interesting how it seems different for everyone

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    Golden trout was easy for me. Very specific fast erratic behavior. Hardest for me by far was the goldfish.

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