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    Resources Exchenger

    Hello supercell,
    If u added a Resources Exchanger As a new Building,,, I think most of players are like this type of building..

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    Its an interesting idea, and i get the concept behind it. But theres one major problem i see... It would break everything... Raiding would have no use anymore, as peopke would put all their resources into one type and them do an upgrade and then log off with no worries of any large amount of loot being stolen. Not to mention it would take away the sense of accomplishment when you finaly get enough loot to do a high level upgrade. Do you have any ways you could think of to ballance this?
    Here are my thoughts on the ballance for this... Keep in mind, these arent "this OR that", these are additave, meaning all the terms im adding happen at the same time...

    1) Elixer to Gold = 100:10 ratio when converting.
    2) Gold to Elixer = 100:10 ratio when converting
    3) Costs 1 Gem per 100 of the resource you are getting rid of for the new reaource
    4) 10 Dark Elixer costs 100 of both Elixer and Gold. (Would cost 2 gems per set of 10 Dark Elixer)

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    This is ruled out. Please check the stickies before posting

    Currently Ruled Out:
    Here are some amazing ideas that have been ruled out by the dev time for the time being. Posting these ideas will result in your thread being removed without notice!

    Frequently Requested:
    * Playing clash of clans (or any other SC game) on a computer or through a web browser e.g. Facebook
    *Donating (or trading) resources or gems to (with) other players
    *An exchange building to convert between elixir, gold, dark elixir, or gems
    *Assign multiple builders to one build/upgrade
    *Upgradeable builders’ huts

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