HiThere! Maybe YOU want to Join us? We are a level 8 Clan on the way toLevel 9, having 40 members. At the moment we have lack of players. Our Goalhas always been to reach level 10 as fast as possible and improve as a WarTeam. We War 24/7 and so far we have reached all clan games rewards. We also want our players to communicate in the chat, help us improve and reach our goal - to become a Successfull/Serious War Clan

General information:
Level requirement to join - TH8: lvl 80+ TH9: lvl 110+, TH10 lvl 130+, TH 11: lvl 150+
Something else that is good to know is that we have a so-called "New Member Rule". This means that a new player needs to have 150 troops donated before the time they lose their "New" tag (3 days). Else the player will be kicked for not sharing.

But what if i need to be inactive a few days? Then you need to stay out of wars by changing clan preference as "I am out" of wars. Always keep it updated before we start new clan wars. On the other hand, if you are going to be inactive for a longer time than just a few days - join our feeder clan Loyal Kingdom 2 (#CUCQJL00). Our feeder clan is for now just a place where we manage inactive players who wants to join again when active. However, we will use it more in future.

As a player in clan war, you need to follow instructions if given and attack with good strategies. Otherwise, you risk having a less important role and can be kicked out of the clan. And also, do not forget to participate in Clan Games.

Here are some of our rules which are simple to follow if you are daily active.

🔥🔥🔥🔥Loyal Kingdom - a War Clan🔥🔥🔥
🔥Loyal and Active Players are Welcome 🔥
🔥Hopers/Greedy Players 🔥
🔥Participate in Clan Wars/Games 🔥
🔥Mature Behaviour & English Only 🔥
🔥Use Both Attacks in Clan War 🔥
🔥1500+ in Clan Games 🔥
🔥Donate Before Request 🔥
🔥Always Donate What is Asked 🔥
🔥1000+ Troops Donated Each Season 🔥
🔥Raid Regularly Every Season 🔥
🔥Promotions are Earned by loyalty 🔥

How the promotion system works - players need to earn it
- Promotions are Earned for Experienced War Players Who Share Their Knowledge & Have Great Performs in Wars.
- Promotions are Earned for Players Who Consistently Donate Correct Troops.
- Promotions are Earned for Players Who Max Out in Clan Games.
- Promotions are Earned for Players Who is Helping Finding Players.
- Promotions are Earned for Players Who Have Great Suggestions on How to Improve/Having a Positive attitude.

Looking forward to meet you, let us know if you found us through this clash of clans forum - Leader of Loyal Kingdom. To find our clan, search for following: (#UL0JGJRG)

Greetings - TheWildMadman