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Thread: Recruiting th7 to th12 | Foundry™ | #20GP0JVQ8 | More Info Inside

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    Recruiting th7 to th12 | Foundry™ | #20GP0JVQ8 | More Info Inside

    Hello everyone this is Dashing Daddy(#99C2RVU82) am recruiting for Foundry™ (#20GP0JVQ8)

    1. Level4 clan.
    2. Constantly Developing.
    3. War Log W-18 L-1 D-3.

    1. We are recruiting th7 to th12.
    2. For th7, must know mass dragon and mass hogs attack.
    3. For th8, same as th7 ( mass dragon and goho).
    4. For th9, must know atleast 4 strategies (2 ground, 2 air).
    5. Th10-12, 3 starring respective th's.
    6. Hero levels as per defense/offense.

    1. Must complete clan games.
    2.Use both attacks in war.
    3.Donate before request.
    4. Use the opt in/out feature.
    5. Heros down means no war.
    6. Stay out 1st war.

    1. Rushers stay away please.
    2. We will also be looking for competing in war leagues.
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