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Thread: Need a nbh - Chatty + Derby focus

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    Need a nbh - Chatty + Derby focus

    Hi. I am currently looking for an active, chatty, fun but, derby focus neighborhood. I will also help with what I can.

    My farm is at level 22 (lost my old farm but progressing very rapidly). WAIT DONT JUDGE

    DERBY : only 320 tasks x 9 (Increase point during special derbies + 10th task when needed) And Opt out when busy.
    Language: English, French, German and Hindi (Any nbh with one of these languages)

    Ps. Iím introvert but very respectful and I need an active and chatty hood. But should be derby focus.

    I hope someone will find me enough good for their neighborhood.

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    I need neighbors I just started my neighborhood but I am getting players that are focused on the Derby and helping out in any way they can I would love you to have you on our team

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    If you are looking for a fun, chatty and helpful, derby oriented group we are here for you. We do derby tasks at 320 points and do all 10 tasks (we buy the extra task each week). We are laid back and don't mind derby opt out. Our hood is Sunny side of the street. Red lobster, purple background. Hope to see you there! Please PM me for details or Kik me at Tiggerddc or line me at Tiggerddc. We use the line app to communicate outside of the game.

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    Hey there! I represent Golden Farmers #PCJRLUR2 as a coleader and you seem to be a perfect candidate for our neighborhood. We have three main goals. All are equally important but only the 1st and 3rd are mandatory, you don't have to opt-in to derby. The first: Activity and Helpfulness. The second: Derby. The third: HAVE FUN! (of course). We keep track of everyone's progress in the goals in the following ways.Everyone is given elder upon joining the neighborhood because being a member usually means you were inactive and received a demotion. On the night derby ends, we check to make sure everyone has at least one machine or crops growing, if A. Your farm seems to be inactive based on those evaluations and/or B. You failed to complete that week's derby challenge (Challenges are set before derby starts. This week: Earn 500 points. This goal is increased every couple of derbies) you will be demoted if you are an elder or co, or put on a watch list if you are already a member. The next day all watch listed members and demoted players will be monitored. If a demoted player is still found to be inactive without an excuse you they remain as they are. If a watch listed player is still found to be inactive, they will be kicked. However, if a demoted player is found to be active again they will be repromoted. It is very difficult to become coleader but only because it is so EASY to become elder even if you are found to be inactive and are demoted. We hope to see you here to help us be the competitive, helpful, and awesome neighborhood we know we can be with your help!
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