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Thread: upgrade order after making dark troops

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    upgrade order after making dark troops

    I maxed out all dark troops. And now I hv dark spells ,elixir spells ,elixir troops left....heroes at 22/21
    What shall I upgrade and wat league is best for farming the needed resources currently farming in Crystal 2-master 2

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    As for what should you upgrade: heroes!

    Your current range is good for farming. Focus on DE for your heroes now that dark lab upgrades are done and start doing elixir lab upgrades.
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    Depends what you raid with. I'd take Miners to L3 first in the lab and use them to farm Dark Elixir for your heroes.
    Crytsal 2 - Master 2 is fine.

    Giants are good troops for farming and for war too sometimes.
    Dragloon can be a good alternative to Miners for farming DE.
    Goblin knife is good DE attack.
    And thing that helps those would be good in my opinion.
    Freeze has increased usefulness now with 1 spell slot.
    Loonian useful for farming too.

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