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Thread: Th9 Farming attack strat help

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    Th9 Farming attack strat help

    Iím a fairly new Th9 and Iím having trouble finding a good farming strat that gains loot and trophies and also can be used without heroes, I donít know wether I should use loonion or laloon or laloonion, if you do have a farming strat please comment it below, explaining army and spell composition And troop deployment, thanks for taking the time to read this. anything helps.

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    I have a new TH9 that uses loonian for farming because it doesn't use much dark ťlixir (you know, saving up precious dark elixir for my archer queen). Have 220 camp space and upgraded loons to level 6, however my minions are still at TH8 level. I can usually get away with this stategy without using both heroes.

    I bring :
    32 loons
    30 minions
    4 rage
    1 freeze
    Cc: 6 loons... Plus poison, freeze or haste (whichever one I csn get from clanmates, i can make it work with any of these)

    I deploy my loons from behind the sweepers and place rages as needed to help push them through the air defenses.
    Minions clean up from behind.

    I have unlocked lava hounds, but prefer to conserve my dark elixir and not use them for farming. I will use them more freely after I am more established as a TH9.
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    When at 9 I started off with the same mentality to conserve de, but I found i could consistently loot more de taking 2 hounds and that the profit far outweighed the cost. Gotta spend de to make de!

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    I used LaLoonion and BabyLaloonion to keep the heroes down. It is really effective, I would say after about 20 seconds I am a spectator for the rest of the attack and I have managed to keep both my heroes down.
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