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Thread: Needs achieveable achievements...

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    Needs achieveable achievements...

    The achievements in this game are ridiculous. U go from ok get 5 of something. To 10000. They really need to be more spread out in terms of gameplay im lvl 50 and havent beat an achievement in a week. The goal for you guys is to keep ppl playing for as long as possible so they can buy gems right? I mean that is what its all about. Heres a good tip. Reward your players more than you are. How bout an achievement for upgrading heroes? How about an achievement for getting set loot three times in a row? I could list 100 things that could and should be achievements.The gems u get for achievements arent many. There needs to be more of a reward. You can do better.

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    This is game and achievments are achevments when u do hardwork for them,.

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