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Thread: Hello! Friends!!

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    Hello! Friends!!

    I need your help
    The question is that I do not know what troops to use for my attacks, I am a level 8 city council and my pink elixir troops are all at the maximum and my level 1 dark troops. What troops do I use? What army did I use to attack Th 8 and 9?
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    50 barbs 50 archers 100 goblins in Crystal league if you mean farming.
    I guess dragons for war if dark troops are level one.
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    Do yo mean TH 8?

    Which league are you in?

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    If lv8 city council, troops used are likely armed police, army, and maybe some estate kids. If lv8 TH , gobbers n archers with few wallbreaker for farming can be used.

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