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Thread: Looking for active English neighborhood

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    Looking for active English neighborhood


    Iím looking for an active neighborhood-preferred size medium or large, small will be okay. Played before but lost my farm so Iím starting over again.

    About me
    -Level 10(almost 11) farmer
    -Live in the USA
    -Like the derby but might not play for awhile. Derby requirements are a MUST! Prefer any tasks over 300 and I complete all of them.

    Game tag is #9GGGP892C

    If anyone wants to give an experienced low level player a try either comment below or Pm me!
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    If you are looking for a fun, chatty and helpful, derby oriented group we are here for you. We do derby tasks at 320 points and do all 10 tasks (we buy the extra task each week). We are laid back and don't mind derby opt out. Our hood is Sunny side of the street. Red lobster, purple background. Hope to see you there! Please PM me for details or Kik me at Tiggerddc or line me at Tiggerddc. We use the line app to communicate outside of the game. I will lower the level requirements for you, just message me

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    Why not give us a try.

    We are THE FARM, a relatively new Hood looking to grow! We are really friendly, chatty and helpful people who enjoy playing Hay Day. (Tag: #9GLY8Q92)
    Symbol: Red Fox on Green Circle. Required Level: 30

    Currently we consist of 5 Members from UK (1) and USA (4) whose levels range from 42 to 142. We share the derby log and speak English. We don’t do stress and we don’t do drama!

    The Farm is a new Hood but the leaders have been playing for some time. We decided to create our own completely relaxing, stress free, Derby Focused Hood and we think we may have cracked it! We play to win but we don’t put this at the cost of people feeling bad or stressed, we enjoy playing and chatting about anything and everything! We pride ourselves on being helpful and friendly. We help each other out with tasks, watering, opening farm/fishing spots, barn and silo expansions in fact teamwork is how we find the The Farm works best.

    There is no pressure to use diamonds. Some of us spend lots, some of us spend none. That is your decision, like the price you sell your produce is your decision too. We don’t expect freebies .... if someone sells you something for 1p you do not have to do the same back.

    Derby Rules:
    Very Important ....... No stress!
    We try to take 300+ derby tasks. There is no expectation for you to take an extra task unless you want to. We want players who actively play the Derby, are good fun and friendly to be around. No silent, inactive players need apply ����
    We do request that you opt out of the derby if you cannot play that week for any reason - that’s absolutely fine.
    Our Hood has been active for 3 Derbies and we have recently been promoted to Expert League and now have 3 Gold Trophies so far! Whooo Hoo!
    All special derbies are played, some better than others! Getting the hang of them is as much fun as playing them!
    If you need help it’s fine to ASK!!
    If you need more help ..... it’s fine to ASK AGAIN!

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    Found a hood! Thanks to all who responded!

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