Are you looking to play CoC with adults who like to win wars, crush the Clan Games, and have some good old fashioned fun?! We are a Level 11 clan aged from 25 to 60, in rebuilding mode. A majority of our former mates have retired. Our leader has passed the torch to me. Our members are from the US, Great Brtian and 1 or 2 from India. We are a good clan only a few new, solid members away from being a great clan again! Our requirements are as follows: must be an adult, or at least act like it (Weíll figure you out soon enough if youíre not &#128540, must speak English, must use both War Attacks no matter the score (we donít allow loot runs), we ask for a 1:3 donation ratio (this is flexible, we are just tired of leeches), we use ONLY max CC troops for War (Raid CC Troops May be any level), and you must not be rushed.

We constantly have a good laugh and enjoy some witty, friendly banter, but please, keep it civilized.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, search WarHawks United, clan-tag: #LJQP9P2U. Mention The Loobís Forum Post with your request.

Thank you for your interest, and letís have some fun!!!