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Thread: New neighbor hood #9VYP8JC2 BELLAS ROCKING HOOD

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    Cool New neighbor hood #9VYP8JC2 BELLAS ROCKING HOOD

    Iím looking for daily active players who are willing to play in the derby 320/400 task only competitive players who help chat and love derby we play hard and fast I donít care what level u are as long as u can complete all task (10) Iím always available-to help we have message chat set up so if u need help we are always at hand if this is you and u are ready to roll with us if I have my hood to high to join message me and Iíll lower so u can come in I NEED DERBY PLAYERS THAT HELP AND HAVE FUN if this is for you I donít mind a small hood merging with us also if u want to see how we roll one of u either ur co or leader come play a derby with us and decide after serious players only but we have fun and active even when derby is over New neighbor hood #9VYP8JC2
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