Problem: Relaying info to new members becomes tedious especially when in the early recruiting stages. Attention spans are shrinking and players stop listening.

Solution: Leader/Co-leaders can pin a text to the feed. The text can be removed by any player BUT it only removes it for that player.

This way the clan description can be more interesting than listing a bunch of rules or other dull info. A knowledgeable clan member wouldn't need to be on to greet the new player either! Since all the "annoying" players go straight to chat they will see these stickies no matter what. They may not read them but it's a lot greater chance than them reading a shorthand clan description.

How many times do you recall telling someone to stop begging for troops or spamming or giving wrong troops or how your clan does wars or clan games or how to get elder or coleader? The list can go on and on, but if we could just pin a few things, life would be so much easier for clan managers.