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Thread: Faster town buildings booster adding time

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    Faster town buildings booster adding time

    I activated a faster town buildings booster for cinema, diner and bed and breakfast. It was only a one star booster, so I wanted to use it up to make room for a good one.

    however, it added time to the townies being served

    new ones going to the buildings were properly reduced in time

    is anyone else seeing similar issues, perhaps activating this type and others with machines or buildings already working?
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    This just happened to me today, too. I had 3 visitors in my B&B with 1 hour 1 minute remaining. I scored the booster from a treasure box, and suddenly they had over 2 hours a piece on them. Its all fine and dandy, except this is for a derby task and I need to get it done asap.

    Thanks for the tip that the new ones going into the building will be reduced in time, i won't delete the booster.

    It just stinks and is disappointing. Thanks for listening! =)

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    Yes, it too was only a one star building booster, thought well it will help with task, hmm wasn't amused.

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