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Thread: What kind of "rewards" does Maggie give out for matching styles?

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    What kind of "rewards" does Maggie give out for matching styles?

    The items Maggie sells are really expensive. However, I might be inclined to purchase some of them if there is likely to be a good payback when/if I can get the matching styles and claim the "reward" for doing so.

    Has anyone done this? What sort of rewards are given out?

    Hopefully, it is something more than something like a saw or mallet.

    Does anyone know (based on actual first-hand experience)? I'd like to know before spending so much money to get various styles in my collection book.


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    Not first hand experience, but diamonds are the reward for book efforts.

    i am not actively seeking the rewards
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    Hi dear
    I got 10 diamonds as reward so that was a great gift - tx HD

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    I got 20 diamonds for the rustic house.

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