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Thread: Please recolor Prototroops

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    Please recolor Prototroops

    Right now Prototroops look like clone troops, they lack a (mostly) individual appearance. They all are the same color, use the exact same image with the redhead lady in the exact same pose but with different barrels on the tank. A simple recolor of all of them being blue can make all the difference. Blue tanks and red tanks are already being used and changing each of the 3 Prototanks to their own unique color still has options available:Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink, Black (etc.). You can even add different patterns like camouflage and use a few colors at a time.

    On top of just a color change I think it would be cool if they also got a tread change.

    A few examples of this would be:
    Instead of the typical treads on...
    ...the Critter Cannon it gets 6 Critter looking legs and resembles a large Critter.
    ...the Lazortron it has no treads or wheels and appears to hover slightly and has underglow lights emitting from beneath it.
    ...the Rain Maker it appears to have spiky cleats coming from the treads and spiky balls instead of wheels that both resemble the spiky bombs that they shoot.

    My own personal opinion of what color each Prototroop should be if they also got their unique treads would be:

    -Critter Cannon would be blues and black camo with black critter legs to resemble the blue critters they shoot but give them a unique color to not appear are regular Tanks.
    -Lazortron would be orange with orange underglow to resemble the redish orange beam they shoot.
    -Rain Maker would be black with spiky cleats coming for the treads and black spiky balls instead of wheels to resemble the black spiky bombs they shoot.

    Just something to consider.
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