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Thread: An adjustment to critters that should be concidered

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    An adjustment to critters that should be concidered

    Critters are a useful ability to every troop type but not so much to some, Grenadiers and Warriors.

    When critters are used with Grenadiers, even when deployed behind the troop to run up for a frontal attack are often killed by friendly fire. When critters are used with Warriors they have the same range and don't provide sufficient cover.

    If critters maximum attack range was increased from melee range at 0.9 tiles to just outside melee range at somewhere between 1.3-2 tiles I feel they would be more useful for these 2 troop types they aren't as useful to and there would be balance for each troop type.

    With an increased attack range and used with Grenadiers they would be less likely to be killed by Grenadiers random short throws and be more useful. With an increased attack range and used with Warriors, cause all Warrior attacks are HQ rushes, deployed critters would attack from behind the Warriors and be a more useful decoy to sacrifice themselves from defensive building attacks.

    When the Critters are deployed on top of a building they can still attack from melee range, but when deployed to run up on a building they will stop and attack from the 1.3-2 tiles range.

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    Aren't critters usually thrown separate from your main army? Like throwing them at unprotected buildings or clearing some mines.

    For warrior attacks, critter are usually thrown at the defences, not the HQ

    For grenadier attacks, I mainly throw them at mines in front of the defences to clear the mines, not to be the things tanking hits.

    I think they're useful enough.
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    Ya, they're useful enough but there's still room for improvement for Grenadiers especially. I was also thinking about Everspark critters. I have three accounts that all use Grenadiers and Everspark all the time for everything and I can tell you that a lot of friendly fire happens to Eversparks critters on each attack. Its bad enough that a lot of the Grenadier attacks miss the target, that they need all the non-missing damage they can get, that's where critters come in, they're not very usful when they're dead cause their allies killed them.

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    Sorry. I disagree. I too use tgm/everspark, but somehow dont notice this phenomena to be as prevalent as you do. Of course it happens, we should expect it when using such a troop combination, but given the low cost of critters coupled with their low health, you shouldnt expect them to last long anyway, even without grennydeers on the battlefield. But If grenediers' inaccurate attack pattern is ever changed such that they miss in front of the target as often as behind it, then I will be fully on board with your complaint. As for now, having done no research but simply observing through my own attacks, I will say at least 90% of all critters killed by friendly grenades had already gained battle experience. I believe if critters are being killed by friendly grenades, then they have done their job. If an attacker chooses to launch Gunboat critters to the rear of upcoming targets then obviously that 90% will go way down, but only because of operator error.

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    I take it you never used them on the burn phase of an HQ only to have 90% of them killed by your own troops?

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    I agree at that point in the battle when nothing else is attacking them then yes friendly grenades will sooner or later kill all your Critters. Maybe you are using grenadiers as your primary Troop? I can imagine that if you have more than three boats of them then the friendly fire death rate of your Critters obviously goes up a bit more. For the record I use 9 tanks 12 grenadiers and ten medics. Still even though the grenades will kill your Critters at some point your Critters for the most part get a fair shot and do a decent amount of damage on the target before the rare shorthanded grenade takes them. My critters attack the front side of the HQ while the great majority of grenades fall near the back or beyond the HQ and there is generally time gaps between grenediers' shorthanded misfires that are significant enough for critters to get in there and inflict good damage. I bet if you check your own replays you will discover that most of your Critters that were killed by friendly grenades were either already engaged with a target or in fact had already moved on to a second, third, fourth or further Target. Rarely will you see a critter get killed by a friendly grenade before it had a chance to engage a target. Unless, of course, operator error when firing Gunboat critters.
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    no changes needed, perhaps a bit more health during upgrade, maybe to 500, but that's it. They were meant as a distraction, not to do any real damage, thats why the dps is so low.

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    There is no point in improving its Health if it doesn't affect the SIMO priority list... Okay I take it back I sure could use an extra 100 health. Compromise team?.....
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