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Thread: Th11 needs hard-core farming clan.

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    Th11 needs hard-core farming clan.

    Almost mid th11 with heroes 38/35/9.looking for hard-core farming clan.thanks

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    Check out Summit Clashers lvl 10 clan. Tag #QCPP20YL. Farming happens here and get donations 24/7. Check us out

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    LVL 16 Cato Comeback (#92RU90VL) | TH10-TH12 | 24/7 WAR and 100% Clan Game Completion | We have HIGH LVL HEROES and WAR STARS and so should you!

    Adults only (21+), USA based

    Hi, I am Cato, the Leader of Cato Comeback. We are a WAR FOCUSED clan who only wants 24/7 WARRIORS.

    I am a Th12 with 2300 war stars! My coleaders are skilled, mature players with war stars ranging between 1000-2000+. We all have very strong heroes and walls. We are three star specialists! If this sounds like you, come check us out!

    The TWO MAIN focuses of our clan are WAR and CLAN GAMES. Participation in both of these is required. This means that clannies in Cato Comeback have to maintain a higher than average level of activity. We are all expected to pull our weight, and I will kick ANY clannie who brings the team down.

    We war 24/7 and have completed EVERY clan games to 100% completion.

    ♥We have very few rules and our #1 priority is having fun, followed closely by #2 WIN WARS!

    SAY, “CATO SENT ME” and be ready to provide your age and country

    Thank you!



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