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Thread: I need a good & active nh

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    A fun friendly hood looking to expand to find us search fluffylemon #98PQY9PG. A no drama hood full of experienced players who like to help each other elder upon joining

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    Come join this lovely, active, neighborhood! Three rules for you:
    1. Participate in Derby
    2. Help others when you can, and in return they’ll help you.
    3. Have fun!!

    So what are you waiting for? Come join us.

    NH name: Golden Farmers
    White star with a blue truck
    NH Tag: #PCJRLUR2.

    All levels welcome!! But preferred level is set at 20. Exceptions can be made!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekFanatic View Post
    I have 4 active accounts. I do 320 or higher tasks only, donate and help others with tasks etc.. NH I'm in is quiet, boring & most members don't contribute. Let me know... I'm Ievel 80 and up.
    I have dropped u a private message.
    Leader/Founder of Jovial Ville
    Level 177 (#2yyjjcqc8)
    KIK: MagicHayDay

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