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Thread: Th 11 and an engineered Th 11 looking for clan

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    Join us fast.Ceylon Hunters
    Looking for New staff.
    War worries &
    Good donators only.
    Need 24/7 active players
    Always war &
    Possible winnings.
    Welcome all &
    Be familiar.

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    if you are still looking check us out

    friendly adult UK war clan. lvl 12

    we are UK NOOBS 40+ and are looking to add to our band of UK adults.
    we also have a handful of overseas members and night workers so clan goes 24hours
    we play to win but its not life and death.
    always someone online
    we use Kik messenger app to discuss war tactics and socialize
    always max out clan games with time to spare
    currently 35 members but looking for more as not all participate in wars
    any town halls and ability welcome
    we have war expert th11s who will help if asked and lower th's looking to build and learn.
    cc request are encouraged and filled instantly 99% of the time

    mention me or reddit on application.
    hope to hear from you.

    Robbie. co-leader

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    Hi SnazzyPeak474,

    If you are still searching, please check out Yaki Village (#QJCU99R). We are an international, L6 clan that has a very active core (around 20) players. We war almost all the time and we always get best rewards in clan games. If you send a direct request, please indicate that you are from the forums. I am the leader, so please let me know if you have any questions.

    You can find more details about the clan in my recruitment thread:

    Kiya (#8022R8LGQ). Mid TH11. BK: 36, AQ: 40, GW: 16.
    Legends league (740 trophies). June 2018: 5498.
    Leader of Yaki Village (#QJCU99R). L6 active & friendly clan.

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    sENT YOU A pm.

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