Farm Name: "Pony & Motor Farm". I am level 30. I am experiencing one thing after another. When I ask a question to customer support, it takes days for them to reply, but the past 6 times I asked in-game support about my missing package, missing vouchers, and 6 unanswered support questions, all 6 of my questions to in-game support were deleted shortly after I posted them. I have been taking screen shots of the activity, and I think my game has been hacked. Recently, and again tonight, I asked in game support about my deleted questions, and several times they refused to answer my questions, then deleted my question, all together. This has been going on now for days. Tonight, my question went unanswered again and then was deleted, like usual. Is this normal behavior for in-game support? Is it supposed to be live chat, or wait for a reply? Yesterday I had blue vouchers, now today the are gone, and I have not used them. In-game support is no longer answering my questions, just deleting them, shortly after I post them. The ONLY time in-game support replies, is after I post here, and then they still refuse to answer as to WHY my questions get deleted. Has someone hacked my game and is deleting my questions to in-game support about it????