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Thread: Anyone willing to attempt to 3 star my war base?

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    this has to be a troll post, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nazatin18 View Post
    You know, I didn't know how to type this without making it seem like I was bragging, which was not my intention. I just want a TH9 to 3 star it. I want to know its weaknesses. It certainly isn't LaLoon, that's for sure.
    Edit: You know what? I think I know what to do.
    Assuming your link is correct that is an easy Lalo base. Anti two star, symmetrical, ADs allow for good hound tanking, and all the wiz towers are in range of ADs.

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    Next time I need to know if a base is good or not, I will create a thread like this one. Nice idea!!!

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