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Thread: Tempest War League - Season 1; Looking for clans interested in participating!

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    Tempest War League - Season 1; Looking for clans interested in participating!


    The Tempest War League is for more casual clans (who still take war seriously) to experience some fun and competitive wars, instead of the mismatched or boring wars that random matchmaking often gives, where the enemy clan doesn't even attack or have well designed bases.

    There are NO SET ROSTERS. (Meaning you don't have to choose a specific group of your members that will be the only ones participating the whole season, your lineup can change. This makes it much more flexible for clans.)

    War Sizes - The league wars will be either 15v15 or 20v20 wars. The clans battling in each war can decide on which they would like to do. If one clan would like to run a 20v20 war, but the other is only willing to run 15v15 that war, the clan who wants to run 20 must accommodate and run 15v15.

    Townhall Breakdown - The general range of Townhalls participating will be TH8-11. The exact breakdown will vary war to war but each clan must be able to fit this general standard. 1-3 TH11, 3-6 TH10, 6-9 TH9, 3-5 TH8.


    (All of these rules are designed to add more competition at each TH level, and make 3 stars a more thoughtful and skill intensive task.)

    NO DIPS - Meaning you can only attack your townhall level or higher. (For example: A TH10 can't drop down and hit a TH9 or TH8, they can only attack TH10 and TH11.)

    NO SIEGE MACHINES - 3 starring has become MUCH easier since the introduction of siege machines. We want wars to be as competitive as possible and siege machines are just too strong. That is why were are not allowing siege machines.

    NO WITCHES AT TH9 - Because of the update and the meta changes especially hitting competition at TH9, TH9 has become very easy to just roll over with witches. We want to see exciting and well thought-out attacks, not face rolling!

    NO DRAGS AT TH8 - Same as the no Witches at TH9. They are just too overpowered and don't require any skill to use.


    If you're interested! Add Me:

    Discord - SnorlaxAttax#7127 (Each clan has at least 1 clan leader in our discord server, so it will be required if you are participating)

    In-Game - SnorlaxAttax (#YC8OY982)

    ..and talk to me in comments
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