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Thread: Skyshield over HQ - No AZ or warrior attacks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomstar View Post
    It can be a pain for warriors, but I don't think it is for hooka, if you can get HZ near the hq, they will target a few buildings and then the hq (Sky shield unlike sg, doesn't need to go down with auto target selection). Specially for us with all offence and a round of BO, I have not had problems with HZ.
    i didn’t say it was impossible, I said more difficult. As always it depends on the other proto’s, layouts etc. The OP doesn’t say what his statue line up is currently and not everyone has a full offense line up.
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    Smoke RZM or CRZM with BO right up next to the shield. As soon as the smoke clears they will go in and take it down. A FT under there can be bad news. But even so, I've found that I usually win.
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