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Thread: New town hall 9 in need of desperate help!

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    New town hall 9 in need of desperate help!


    After maxing out all my buildings and most of my walls at TH8, I upgraded to TH9. However, I am struggling quite a bit to find effective farming strategies that I can use initially while my troops are still under leveled. It would be really nice if someone could link me some detailed guides or explain a strategy to me themselves.

    I was also wondering which war strategies are currently the strongest at TH9? And what buildings/upgrades should I prioritize?

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    try loonion farming in gold/crystal league

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    Try goblin knife in Crystal, plenty of videos on YouTube if you're not sure how to do it
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    Upgrade loons, archers and goblins in that order. Take a bunch of each and pick off collectors for easy loot. Once you’ve got all the important elixir upgrades out of the way switch to laloonion to attack live bases and increase skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiNinja453 View Post
    Try goblin knife in Crystal, plenty of videos on YouTube if you're not sure how to do it
    This will only work once you get your goblins, jump, and giants maxed for th9. It's also really meant for DE farming.

    Until you get there, I'd suggest staying low in crystal or even in gold II or I and just BARCH. I just pushed a mini up to th9 and am doing exactly this. Easily pulling in 500-800k gold and elixir each raid when I make sure to next for dead bases with collectors outside. I bring 4 lighting as well to take out 2 mortars near wherever the collectors/mines are.

    Upgrade-wise, if you're warring I'd do loons ASAP and unlock hounds - lavaloonion is one of the best (against certain bases and weaker 9s). Goho is another great war combo once you get your royals up. Always, always, always prioritize camps, CC, and spell facotry when going to a new townhall level.

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