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Thread: Time to Have fun... Crossways Farm #9QPY2LCL

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    Time to Have fun... Crossways Farm #9QPY2LCL

    🌈🌈You can stop looking now... ✋ #9QPY2LCL- CROSSWAYS FARM
    🌈🏝🏕Do you want to join a a hood? Do you just want to play the game? The occasional help from a neighbour, not take any nonesense and enjoy playing the the game as it was meant to be played. Do the derby and if we gain horseshoes and cups great... if not then we played. Iím looking to start my first hood- been a member of some in the past and am looking to start my own. Who knows, it maybe be your forever home!! To be fair... itís just a game, itís meant to be enjoyed and fun and who doesnít like the occasional help from a friendly neighbour.🏕🏝🌈

    🌟All Iím looking for is someone who is level 55 and wants to start something new, different and maybe become successful as a group... but remembering all the while, itís just a game! We understand life happens!! 5️⃣5️⃣

    🌈💥So come on, take a chance on a new farm and who knows we could make this the start of something quite spectacular 💥 🌈💥

    Iíd like to develop as things progress with a FB/Messenger group or if thereís any other options of communication then feel free to suggest... we can make this Shamazing!!


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